Create Next Stack: A CLI Tool for Next.js Apps

Create Next Stack

Create Next Stack is a website and CLI tool used to easily set up the boilerplate of new Next.js apps.

Where Create Next App lets you choose a single template only, Create Next Stack lets you pick and choose an array of technologies often used alongside Next.js, and free you of the pain of making them work together.

To get started, go to

Supported technologies

The table below provides an overview of the technologies currently supported by Create Next Stack.

Next.jsWebsite - Docs - Learn Next.js - GitHub - Wikipedia
ReactWebsite - Docs - GitHub - Wikipedia
TypeScriptWebsite - Docs - GitHub - Wikipedia
EmotionWebsite - Docs - GitHub
Styled ComponentsWebsite - Docs - GitHub
Tailwind CSSWebsite - Docs - GitHub
SassWebsite - Docs - Next.js-specific docs
CSS ModulesWebsite - Docs - Next.js-specific docs
CSS ModulesWebsite - Docs - Next.js-specific docs
MantineWebsite - Docs - GitHub
Chakra UIWebsite - Docs - GitHub
Material UIWebsite - Docs - GitHub
Framer MotionWebsite - Docs - GitHub
React Hook FormWebsite - Docs - GitHub
FormikWebsite - Docs - GitHub
React QueryWebsite - Docs - GitHub
React IconsWebsite - GitHub
ESLintWebsite - Configuration - Rules - GitHub
PrettierWebsite - Docs - Options - GitHub
HuskyWebsite - Docs - GitHub
lint-stagedWebsite - GitHub
pnpmWebsite - Docs - GitHub
YarnWebsite - CLI Docs - GitHub
npmWebsite - Docs - GitHub
GitHub ActionsWebsite - Docs - Workflow syntax
Plausible AnalyticsWebsite - Docs - GitHub
next-plausibleWebsite - GitHub
VercelWebsite - Docs - CLI Docs
NetlifyWebsite - Docs - CLI Docs


Below you see an overview of Create Next Stack's usage, including detailed information about arguments and options. The overview is the result of running create-next-stack --help

  $ create-next-stack [APP_NAME] [FLAGS]

  APP_NAME  The name of your app, optionally including a path prefix. Eg.:
            "my-app" or "path/to/my-app"

  -h, --help                    Shows the CLI help information.
  -v, --version                 Shows the CLI version information.
  --chakra                      Adds Chakra UI. (Component library) (Requires
                                Emotion and Framer Motion)
  --debug                       Show verbose error messages for debugging
  --formatting-pre-commit-hook  Adds a formatting pre-commit hook. (Requires
  --formik                      Adds Formik. (Form library)
  --framer-motion               Adds Framer Motion. (Animation library)
  --github-actions              Adds a GitHub Actions continuous integration
  --mantine                     Adds Mantine. (Component library) (Requires
  --material-ui                 Adds Material UI. (Component library) (Requires
  --netlify                     Adds Netlify. (Hosting)
  --package-manager=<option>    (required) Sets the preferred package manager.
                                <options: pnpm|yarn|npm>
  --plausible                   Adds Plausible. (Analytics)
  --prettier                    Adds Prettier. (Code formatting)
  --react-hook-form             Adds React Hook Form. (Form library)
  --react-icons                 Adds React Icons. (Icon library)
  --react-query                 Adds React Query. (Server state management
  --styling=<styling-method>    (required) Sets the preferred styling method.
                                (Required) <styling-method> =
  --vercel                      Adds Vercel. (Hosting)

All contributors

Contributions are welcome! Please see the contributing guidelines for more information.

Download details:

Author: akd-io

License: MIT license

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Create Next Stack: A CLI Tool for Next.js Apps
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