you may hear the name of it. binance! biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world.
but why is it so famous?
let us explain some of it.
how does binance work?
first of all, it’s important to know that blockchain is a publicly worldwide database, available to anyone.

Not only it permits anyone in the world to add information to it, but it also makes this information reliable by spreading it all over the network. The data is not stored in any particular place or on a server, it is scattered all over that makes it unchangeable and more secure than in the confines of any technology existing before blockchain. Additionally, it’s open-source software, so you can even create your blockchain.
blockchain is a decentralized system that makes it uncontrollable by a single party. editing the submitted data in the blockchain, if we don’t say impossible, is extremely unlikely to happen.
advantage of binance to other crypto exchange platform :
low fees
multiple transaction types
a high number of cryptocurrencies supported
2 step verification via SMS and Google Authenticator app
it also presents many types of transactions: Buy, sell, trade, deposit, withdraw; Stop order; Limit order; Margin, options, and futures trading.

these items are the most effective reasons that make binance the best cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world and a money river to its owners.
how to build a cryptocurrency exchange software like binance?
developing a platform like binance and coinbase requires a highly skilled team to design and develop it.
for that, I suggest visiting the article: cryptocurrency exchange website development company


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how good the binance is?
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