Explore Vue.js 3’s server side rendering features with Principal Thought Leader Grgur Grisogono in the latest Modus video. This video shows how to create and render a Vue 3 application, using Vue CLI 4.5, Express, and Webpack, on a server. This step-by-step tutorial also shares tips for optimizing and disabling features such as compression, enabling code splitting, adding Node.js externals, and bug fixing along the way.

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  • 0:18 Introduction
  • 0:44 Getting started with server side rendering in Vue 3
  • 0:59 Creating the server using Express
  • 2:12 Building an application for Node.js
  • 3:18 Creating a manifest of build modules
  • 5:54 Making application optimizations
  • 9:02 Working with createSSRApp and renderToString
  • 12:32 Rendering the application to the server
  • 13:57 Dealing with incompatible features
  • 16:03 Adding CSS

#vue #node #javascript #programming #developer

Server Side Rendering with Vue.js 3
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