In this video, I talk about NextJS 11.1 Update that was announced just yesterday and all that's new in this version of Next JS.

Next JS is a React framework for developing single page Javascript applications.

Here's the Next JS 11.1 Release Blog:

0:00 Video starts
0:26 What is Next JS?
1:03 New features of Next JS
1:11 Security Patch
2:00 ES Modules Support
3:25 Adopting Rust-based SWC
6:33 Builds & Data Fetching
7:49 ESLint Improvements
8:05 Image Optimisation
9:30 Lazy generation of blur placeholders in development
10:00 Other image improvements features
10:54 codedamn course
11:34 Outro

#nextjs #react 

Next.js 11.1 is HERE
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