WiLearning is an open source, free e-learning and conferencing system



WiLearning is an open source, free e-learning and conferencing system. WiLearning uses WebRTC technology, The server side uses Typescript + Nodejs + MediaSoup and client side uses Angular + Ionic, WiLearning has the following functions:

  • Multi-person video conference,or text interaction
  • Share desktop
  • Share local media
  • Share pdf files, pdf files are automatically transcoded in the web
  • Realtime brush-courseware annotation, add content, and share to other participants
  • Document preview , display annotation in preview
  • Support multiple rooms at the same time, the number of participants in one room is not limited, depends on the hardware conditions
  • Support Chinese and English
  • Automatic recovery when switching network
  • Easy to install,no dependence on external tools, can be deployed on Linux/Mac server
  • Support Chrome/Safari in Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/IOS


Requirement: Nodejs>v12

# install dependence
npm install -g cnpm

# Build all
./build.sh all

# build subsystem
./build.sh [server/app/admin]

# build result locate in 'dist' directory


The sample SSL certificate is provided in the code. Please provide your own certificate when it is actually running.The certificate must be consistent with the domain name you visit.

  • enter the dist directory
cd dist

  • Method 1: run server.js
node server.js --cert ../certs/rtc.liweix.com.pem --key ../certs/rtc.liweix.com.key

  • WiLearning get your public ip from ‘https://api.ipify.org’. Alternatively, you can specify on in command line.
node server.js --cert ../certs/rtc.liweix.com.pem --key ../certs/rtc.liweix.com.key --publicIp x.x.x.x

  • Or you can run start.sh with default SSL certificate

enable google bbr

run the follow command line in server console(linux kernel > 4.9):

wget --no-check-certificate https://github.com/teddysun/across/raw/master/bbr.sh && chmod +x bbr.sh && ./bbr.sh


  • Access WiLearning admin use Chrom/FireFox/Safari:
https://[your public ip]/admin/

  • Create room in Admin, open the ‘Link’ of room
  • Now it has two roler, ‘Speaker’ and ‘Attendee’,‘Speaker’ act as the adminstrator of room.
  • Login the same room , choose your roler, begin your conference, enjoy! Admin screenshot Web screenshot

Support WiLearning

  • Use it, and report Bug!
  • Tell me you feeling and your want.
  • Give it a STAR

Download Details:

Author: wistingcn

Demo: https://rtc.liweix.com/admin/sigin

Source Code: https://github.com/wistingcn/WiLearning

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WiLearning is an open source, free e-learning and conferencing system
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