A react based component helps in managing the notification in time-based manner


react-notification-timeline is a reactjs based component helps in managing the notifications in time-based manner. It is capable of keep tracking of the incoming notifications, manage read vs unread messages and allows many more customizations.

Why do you need this?

  • Is your project is based on react js and you are looking for a time-based notification system?
  • Do you want to keep track of the notifications in timed manner and manage them ?
  • Do you want to structure the notifications in a cleaner way?
  • Do you want to manage multi-line notifications?
  • Do you limit the number of notifications you may want to see?

Then, you should give react-notification-timeline a try.

Here are some screen-shots

  • Notification Componet with the unread message count


  • Notification Componet with the messages as a pop-over

notification with messages

Live Demo

Netlify Status

A Live demo of the component is available here, CLICK FOR DEMO

How to use?


You can install react-notification-timeline using npm or yarn.

npm i react-notification-timeline
yarn add react-notification-timeline


Once installed, it can be imported into a react component as,

import NotifyMe from 'react-notification-timeline';


Here is an example usage,

  heading='Notification Alerts'


Copyright © 2020 by Tapas Adhikary

This project is licensed under MIT license.

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Author: atapas

Demo: https://tapasadhikary.com/

Source Code: https://github.com/atapas/notifyme

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A react based component helps in managing the notification in time-based manner
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