All-in-One Solution for Converting and Printing Outlook Mail to PDF

Synopsis: Are you trying to figure out how to transfer email folders from Outlook to PDF format? You can read this technical blog article if the answer is yes. You will learn about the most effective methods for converting PST emails into PDF documents here. Let's first review the fundamentals of both file formats, though.

PST File Format: What Is It?

A comprehensive email program with a ton of incredible features is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook created the PST personal file format to store emails and other data, including contacts, calendar events, emails, and more. Various software applications, including Windows Messaging, MS Outlook, and MS Exchange Client, generate Outlook PST files.

The Meaning of the PDF File Format

These days, a lot of people employ the most portable file type, which is PDF (Portable Document type).  The ease with which PDFs can be exported to different platforms has earned it a reputation for accessibility. Regardless of the operating system, hardware, or application software, it displays documents in both text and picture forms.

What Are the Advantages of PST to PDF Conversion?

There are several advantages of saving Outlook to PDF, some of which are listed here.

  • Outlook program and PST file are no longer required for the operator to view Outlook emails.
  • Unlike Outlook PST files, Adobe PDF files are accessible with any PDF viewer and are not dependent on any particular platform.
  • It is simple to move and save PDF files from one place to another.
  • Data security is increased through the use of passwords and permissions when Outlook mailboxes are converted to PDF format.
  • Because of the greater flexibility of PDF files over PST files, they can be easily switched to any destination.

Fix for Outlook Data File Saving from PST to PDF Including Attachments

To convert a PST file to PDF format, there are two methods. An easy-to-do DIY approach to Print & Export PST files to PDF is the first answer.  Although it is a successful method, the conversion process requires an expert hand. In contrast, the second strategy uses automation. This PST to PDF converter is a third-party tool that provides users with reliable results.

How to Transfer Outlook Emails to PDF Format Manually

We will supply you with the two manual techniques, which are described below, in the following section:

Way 1: Use Adobe Acrobat to export a PST file to a PDF 

  • Select the Adobe PDF option while Microsoft Outlook is open.
  • Look through the PST files you wish to convert.
  • Click on the chosen files under the Adobe PDF menu now.
  • Set a new PDF file here.
  • For the new file, choose the location and file name.
  • Finally, click the Save button.

Way 2: Use the Outlook Print PDF option to move files.

  • Choose the PST files that need to be converted.
  • After exposing the file choice, choose Print.
  • Click the Microsoft Print to PDF option after selecting the Printer choice.
  • Next, select Print from the menu.
  • Select the file name and destination as well.
  • Lastly, press the Save button.

Furthermore, exporting numerous, sizable PST files is not possible using the manual technique, despite its effectiveness. Additionally, the solution requires strong technical knowledge from the user. It's a tedious procedure as well. Therefore, people can look at a simple solution like an automated WholeClear PST Converter for Windows. The automatic solution completes its tasks error-free and with great efficiency.

Expert Technique to Transfer Outlook E-Mail Folders to PDF Including Attachments

The best PST to PDF converter available to the average user is the WholeClear PST to PDF Converter Software. Users can convert their PST data into a variety of file formats, webmail accounts, and email programs with its assistance. The program features an extremely straightforward and user-friendly design that makes it easy for both technical and non-technical people to operate without the need for assistance from a specialist. Your data is secure with this dependable program. You can install the trial edition of this software and convert up to a few emails per folder for free if you're in search of an appropriate online tool to convert Outlook to PDF.

In Summary,

Given the need and rationale for copying Outlook emails to PDF format, we have described two manual solutions: utilizing the Adobe Acrobat plugin or Microsoft Print to PDF. Each approach has some disadvantages. Therefore, we have suggested PST to PDF Converter as the best substitute.

All-in-One Solution for Converting and Printing Outlook Mail to PDF
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