A Bitcoin/Lightning app for lnd and c-lightning with React Native


A mobile Bitcoin/Lightning app for lnd, c-lightning, and Eclair node operators ⚡️

Notice: If you are looking for Zeus Server, the Lightning-based Point-of-Sale solution (unrelated to this project), please visit puzzle/zeus.

Zeus is built on TypeScript and React-Native. It runs on both iOS and Android.

Disclaimer: Zeus and Lightning in general are software projects in their early development stages. Please be wary when using Lightning and do not fund your node with more money than you are willing to lose.

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Connecting to your node

Currently, to use Zeus, you must have a Bitcoin Lightning node running Lightning Network Daemon (lnd), eclair, or c-lightning using the c-lightning-REST or Spark API .

You must provide Zeus with your node’s hostname, port number, and the macaroon you choose to use in hex format. If you need help converting your macaroon to hex format we wrote up a Node.js script that can use here. Alternatively, if you’re running a Unix-based operating system (eg. macOS, Linux) you can run xxd -ps -u -c 1000 /path/to/admin.macaroon to generate your macaroon in hex format.

Tor Connection Guides

On Android Zeus has support for connecting to you node entirely over the Tor network. You can refer to these guides to set up a Tor hidden service on your lnd node. The instructions are generally interchangable and typically only require you to change your Tor path.


Zeus is proud to be integrated on the following platforms:

Full node solutions

Payment platforms

Android nodes

Building Zeus from source

Don’t trust, verify the code with your own two eyes. Then when ready proceed to the steps below based on your platform.


  1. install and setup react-native and its related dependencies under “Building Projects with Native Code” on react-native’s Getting Started page
  2. if using your phone, enable Developer mode and USB Debugging , then make sure it is connected to your computer by running adb devices
  3. install node dependencies with npm i
  4. open up your Android simulator or connect your phone and run react-native run-android


  1. install and setup react-native and its related dependencies under “Building Projects with Native Code” on react-native’s Getting Started page
  2. install node dependencies with npm i
  3. cd ios && pod install
  4. open ios/zeus.xcworkspace in Xcode and hit Run

Google Play Releases

Google Play releases aren’t fully featured due to Google policies. To get the fully featured version of Zeus on Android you must download the APK from the Zeus website, GitHub, or F-Droid. Google Play releases are managed on the play-releases branch. Commits used for Google Play builds will be marked in the release notes.

Current features not included on Google Play releases
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Please be sure to run npm run tsc to check for type errors, npm run test to run all tests, and npm run prettier to run the prettier

If you are making cosmetic changes please test on both Android and iOS as things don’t render exactly the same on both platforms.


Do not directly modify the files in /locales unless you are adding new copy to the app in English. Instead, translators and reviewers should visit out Transifex page and request a role on the language you’d like to contribute to.

Release + Commit Verification

All releases and all maintainer commits as of January 24, 2020 are signed by key 989CC718EBA8BB68 (zeusln@tutanota.com). The key can be found in this repo and on the ZeusLN.app website.


If you’d like to help us with the cost of running Zeus project (iOS developer account, Google Play developer account, hosting) you can send a payment to us via PayNym +holymorning7d1, via tippin.me, or via keysend. Our node can be found at 03e1210c8d4b236a53191bb172701d76ec06dfa869a1afffcfd8f4e07d9129d898@zg6ziy65wqhiczqfqupx26j5yjot5iuxftqtiyvika3xoydc5hx2mtyd.onion:9735.

Thank you.

Download Details:

Author: ZeusLN
The Demo/Documentation: View The Demo/Documentation
Download Link: Download The Source Code
Official Website: https://github.com/ZeusLN/zeus
License: Distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL v3). See LICENSE file.

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A Bitcoin/Lightning app for lnd and c-lightning with React Native
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