Angka Terbilang NodeJS: Convert Decimals to Words

NodeJS package for Converting Decimal to an Indonesian Wording format

This package will help you to convert a decimal to an Indonesian wording format, for example 123 will be converted to seratus dua puluh tiga. This package was inspired from develoka/angka-terbilang-js by Develoka Team.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you this package can be used in your project.


Prequisites Packages:

  • NodeJS (NodeJS Programming Language)

Using This Package

Below is the instructions to use this package:

  • Install this package to your project
npm install --save @dimaskiddo/angka-terbilang-nodejs
  • Import this package to your code
const angka = require('@dimaskiddo/angka-terbilang-nodejs')
  • Use ToTerbilang function to convert your decimal string

Example Usage of Package

Below is the simple example source code:

const angka = require('@dimaskiddo/angka-terbilang-nodejs')

Example Usage for in Browser Javascript

Below is the example of using for in Browser Javascript:

<script src=""></script>



  • Clone this repository in to your local computer
git clone -b master
  • Edit index.js file in the root of cloned repository directory

Running The Tests

To run the test you can run the following command

npm run test


After editing you also need to rebuild the minified and browser javascript version by running the following command

npm run minified

Or you can run the full build with the test with following command

npm run build


Benchmark is done with four (4) other packages that has the same function. It's done by converting a decimal number with units hundreds of thousands, hundreds of millions, hundreds of billions, hundreds of trillions.

Benchmark tools are provided by Develoka Team

Benchmark Results

Benchmark with NodeJS 10.18.0 @ November 8th 2020 14:55

PackageAngka Ratusan RibuAngka Ratusan JutaAngka Ratusan MilyarAngka Ratusan Triliun
@dimaskiddo/angka-terbilang-nodejs2,836,662 ops/sec2,029,144 ops/sec1,386,470 ops/sec1,095,911 ops/sec
@develoka/angka-terbilang-js2,385,251 ops/sec1,832,777 ops/sec1,371,450 ops/sec1,085,423 ops/sec
dikyarga/angka-menjadi-terbilang113,920 ops/sec97,849 ops/sec85,656 ops/sec75,029 ops/sec
BosNaufal/terbilang-js194,925 ops/sec133,416 ops/sec76,289 ops/sec47,955 ops/sec
rimara14/terbilang532,279 ops/sec312,694 ops/sec188,072 ops/sec2,504,031 ops/sec

Benchmark Device

Operating System: MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6
CPU Model: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5250U CPU @ 1.60GHz
CPU Core: 2 Core with Hypterthreading (4 vCPU)
Disk Type: SSD

Benchmark Notes

The result might be different depending on the undelying software or hardware that used to run benchmark

Built With

  • NodeJS - NodeJS Programming Languange

Download Details:

Author: dimaskiddo
Source Code: 
License: MIT

#node #nodejs 

Angka Terbilang NodeJS: Convert Decimals to Words
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