A properly configured web app manifest is crucial to the installation process of your PWA, as without it the whole process just isn’t possible. And surprisingly, it isn’t that hard to have your web app manifest properly configured either.


What is it for?

The web app manifest is a vital part of your PWA as it determines how your app presents itself to the user in the splash screen and on the user’s home screen. These are all important initial stages contributing to the shaping of the users’ impressions of your app, which is why it’s important for you to get it right.

**Ways to configure your ****manifest.json**

Starting from scratch

With a little bit of familiarity with the JSON data format, you can create a web app manifest of your own without any effort required.

To start off, you should know that in JSON, properties are also known as **members**, and a property/member contains a **key****value** pair, with **key** being the name of the property and **value** being, well, the value of the property.

"key"         : "value",
   "another_key" : "another_value"

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PWA Manifest: Creating Your Web App Manifest the Easy Way
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