Learn how to use the NumPy poly1d function to create and manipulate polynomials in Python. This tutorial covers the basics of the poly1d function, including how to create polynomials, evaluate polynomials, and plot polynomials.

The video also covers some of the more advanced features of the poly1d function, such as how to integrate and differentiate polynomials.

This tutorial is a great introduction to the NumPy poly1d function for beginners and experienced Python programmers alike.

Here are some of the key topics covered in the video:

  • Creating polynomials
  • Evaluating polynomials
  • Plotting polynomials
  • Integrating polynomials
  • Differentiating polynomials

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NumPy poly1d function in Python: A tutorial for beginners and experienced programmers

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NumPy poly1d (polynomial with one variable) function in module numpy Python Programming Language

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Learn NumPy's poly1d Function in Python - Complete Module Tutorial
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