E thical hacking is the method of identifying potential threats as well as vulnerabilities on a computer network with the help of advanced tools and techniques. Python, which is one of the most loved programming languages available due to its abundance of tools and libraries, is also preferred for ethical hacking. In one of our articles, we discussed some of the  popular and intuitive tools in Python that can be used for writing scripts in hacking.

In this article, we are listing eight free resources that will help you learn  ethical hacking with Python.

(The list is in no particular order).

1| Developing Ethical Hacking Tools with Python

Developing Ethical  Hacking Tools with Python is a tutorial provided by Cybrary. Cybrary has made this course free for learners where you will learn to develop your own tools in Python, that will help you in cybersecurity assessments.

You will understand why cybersecurity analysts and penetration testers need Python. The topics of this course include a review of the typical PenTesting process, writing keyloggers, brute-forcing ZIP passwords and more.

Click here to learn.

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8 Free Resources To Learn Ethical Hacking with Python
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