The use of for looping in JavaScript is pretty easy and straight forward but in TypeScript there is some nuances that you need to know. I got stuck find a way to better understand and type in loops in TypeScript. Hope it helps you as well. Let’s check it out.

How to write a for loop in TypeScript

Simple for loop

To use for you need an object that have correct implemented or built-in Symbol.iterator for like ArrayMapSetStringInt32ArrayUint32Array to iterate over.

const fruitsArray = ["apple", "orange", "grape"]

for (let fruit of fruitsArray) {
    console.log(fruit); // "apple", "orange", "grape"

for…of vs. for…in` statements

Both for..of and statements iterate over objects with Symbol.iterator implemented. The values iterated on are different though, returns a list of keys on the object being iterated, whereas for..of returns a list of values of the numeric properties of the object being iterated.

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Typescript Iterators - “for” Loop Statement
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