P-props: Like `Promise.all()` but for `Map` and `Object`


Like Promise.all() but for Map and Object

Useful when you need to run multiple promises concurrently and keep track of the fulfilled values by name.


$ npm install p-props


import pProps from 'p-props';
import got from 'got';

const fetch = async url => {
	const {body} = await got(url);
	return body;

const sites = {
	ava: fetch('https://avajs.dev'),
	todomvc: fetch('https://todomvc.com'),
	github: fetch('https://github.com'),
	foo: 'bar'

console.log(await pProps(sites));
	ava: '<!doctype …',
	todomvc: '<!doctype …',
	github: '<!doctype …',
	foo: 'bar'


pProps(map, mapper?, options?)

Returns a Promise that is fulfilled when all promises in map and ones returned from mapper are fulfilled, or rejects if any of the promises reject. The fulfilled value is the same as map, but with a fulfilled version of each entry value, or the fulfilled value returned from mapper, if defined.


Type: Map | object

Resolves entry values that are promises. Other values are passed through.

mapper(value, key)

Type: Function

Receives the current value and key as parameters. If a value is a Promise, mapper will receive the value this Promise resolves to. Expected to return a Promise or value.


Type: object

See the p-map options.


  • p-all - Run promise-returning & async functions concurrently with optional limited concurrency
  • p-map - Map over promises concurrently
  • More…

Download Details:

Author: Sindresorhus
Source Code: https://github.com/sindresorhus/p-props 
License: MIT license

#node #nodejs #map 

P-props: Like `Promise.all()` but for `Map` and `Object`
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