HashiCorp has announced the release of version 0.2 of Boundary, their open-source identity-based access management service designed for dynamic infrastructure. This release includes support for OIDC authentication methods. The Boundary Desktop application is now at version 1.0 for macOS.

Boundary provides an alternative to traditional VPN or jump box based approaches for providing a gateway into a secure environment such as a VPC. Boundary acts as the gateway into the secure environment and integrates with the existing IDP to allow for authentication via SSO. Once the user is authenticated, policies are used to provide role based authorization to services.

This release includes support for OpenID Connect  (OIDC) authentication methods. This permits delegating authentication to external identity providers (IDPs). This includes integrating with services such as Microsoft Azure Active DirectoryOktaAuth0AWS IAM , and others. This release has configuration support for the CLI with future releases integrating into Boundary’s Terraform provider and the administrator console.


HashiCorp Boundary: Remote Access Management Service Adds OIDC Support
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