A Minimalist and Powerful Time Management App Build with Flutter

Visual Time

Note: Inispired from Kalle Hallden’s time magement project

An advanced, minimalist and powerful time management application. Where you can create task, give it a duration, and select which week days you wanna do it. By doing this you can easily manage a whole week or a concrete day, or a concrete task. Application sets “Today” automatically. And you can see your 24 hours as a circle which is divided by tasks. Also you can see the task’s duration by tapping the divided item on day circle. Application has light and dark theme, and supports four language: “English, Turkish, Russian, and Georgian”.
Issue - #17 is resolved by #18 PR, So you can start using concrete task as a timer, it will make noise when the task is completed. Also, you can enable “remove task after completing” to remove selected task when the timer is completed. And also you can leave working on task half, when you do it, it will update your task by current duration. (E.g: if your previous duration is 15 minute and you left it at 10 minutes, it will update your task by changing the duration 15 to 10).


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Author: theiskaa
Download Link: Download The Source Code
Official Website: https://github.com/theiskaa/VTime
License: MIT


A Minimalist and Powerful Time Management App Build with Flutter
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