Couple of weeks ago I built a clone of the arcade classic snake, Retro Snake. Today we’ll talk about some basic concepts involved in building HTML5 and JS games.

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My take on the popular Snake Game

HTML Canvas

HTML Games are fun way to practice your HTML canvas tag skills as well as JavaScript concepts.

<canvas> is an element that has height/width and you can draw anything inside.

  • Canvas is like a box with a border. Inside of the box you can make another box, circle, line and text. You cannot do anything outside of the canvas.
  • Canvas is defined inside the body.
    <canvas height="500" width="500" 
    style="border: 2px solid #000;" 

Adding Text with JS to Canvas

getContext() is used in JS and ‘2d’ to specify as two-dimension.

With fillText() you can add text, in specific x and y coordinates, and get something like this:

var ctx = document.getElementById("ctx")

ctx.fillText("HOLA BRAVE NEW WORLD!", 150, 250);

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To make font larger you can do like ctx.font = "30px Calibri".

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HTML5 + JS Games — An Intro to the Canvas Element
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