Welcome back to the blog tutorial series! In this video, we'll be wrapping up the series by showing how to like and unlike posts. We'll also go over calling back to the flask server using javascript so we don't need to refresh the page when comments are added or posts are liked.

📄 Resources 📄
Code In This Video: https://github.com/techwithtim/Flask-Blog-Tutorial/tree/main
Font Awesome Website: https://fontawesome.com/

⭐️ Timestamps ⭐️
00:00 | Overview
00:35 | Like Database Model
02:43 | Adding Font Awesome Icons
07:40 | Like Counter
09:15 | Like Post View
13:35 | Like Button
21:14 | Avoiding Page Refresh Using Javascript

#python #flask #webdev 

A Blog Application in Python using Flask - Liking Posts
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