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We have a sequence of asynchronous tasks to be performed one after another in loading scripts.

How can you program it?

That’s a challenging question in the coding interview.

the promise chain

The objective is to make sure the execution of an async block can only start when the previous one is finished.

The Solution

Promises can be chained”, one of the most important of promises is the ability to chain and manage sequences of asynchronous operations.

Promises are one of the most important enhancements to JavaScript as part of ES6.

This ability of promises includes two key features of synchronous operations as follows (or then() accepts two callbacks).

  • When you get the result, call resolve() and pass the final result.
  • In case of error, call reject().

The idea is that the result is passed through the chain of .then() handlers.

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Useful JavaScript Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices: Synchronize Your Asynchronous Code
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