Turbolinks is a JavaScript library (9kb gzipped) that you can add to your site, and with very little effort it will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for your pages to render when clicking between links. Such as transitioning from 1 page to another.

It doesn’t require using websockets or re-architecting your application.

It’s perfect for sites that use server rendered templates because it almost makes your site feel like a single page app without being one. It also works with search engines of the box and gracefully degrades for users without JavaScript by performing regular page loads.

It works with all web frameworks, so if you’re using Flask, Phoenix, Rails, Node, Django, Laravel, Go or you have a static site it’ll work just fine. The project originated from Ruby on Rails and has been around for years so it’s battle tested in production.


Improving Your Page Load Speeds on Any Site with Turbolinks
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