When we talk about programming in the modern tech world, Java instantly comes to our mind. After all, it is considered as one of the most versatile programming languages.

Looking back on its history, Java has always had an extraordinary position in a back-end developer’s heart. A majority of developers enjoy Java due to its platform independence, security, ease of use, variety of accessible resources, and several other essential features.

These traits appreciably contributed to the popularity of Java as a programming language — as of 2018, there were seven million or more Java developers globally.

Undoubtedly, Java has positioned itself as one of the admired programming languages for web development projects. Looking back at the results of 2019, Java was positioned in the list of Top 5 Most Popular Technology which, in turn, encouraged the usage of Java testing frameworks.

Let’s look at some statistics:

  • According to the TIOBE Popularity index, in 2020 Java was the second most famous programming language across the world. It was also the ‘language of the year’ for 2005, 2015 and got the top position in popularity (since 2001.)
  • In 2019, Java was the most popular programming language globally. It comes with a great system with nine million or more Java developers.

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