Background patterns can be used in website design or any other form of work which includes designing. But designing custom SVG and CSS from scratch is no easy task. So here are 15 SVG & CSS Background Pattern Resources that will allow you to generate and download SVG images to use in CSS backgrounds for website and graphic design.

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Even if you are not a UX Designer or not a designer at all, prepare to get stuck on this website seized by a sudden urge to create patterns you don’t even need!


Pattern CSS
CSS only library to fill your empty background with beautiful patterns.

Pattern CSS

Collection of over 5000 tartan patters. All ready to download and use as repeating tiles in SVG and PNG format.


Free collection of beautiful patterns for all vector formats.

Free collection of beautiful patterns

Its a free library of repeatable SVG patterns that you can customize with different styles, colors, and opacities. It has well ton of different patterns to pick from and theyre all listed right on the homepage. As you scroll down, you`ll see live demos for each one and you can click any of them to see how they look.


CSS-Doodle is a great library of tools that help in the creation of beautiful art using CSS. When combined with a little javascript, the art comes to life and even interactive.


SVG backgrounds
Create eye-catching backgrounds and patterns for your website or blog with this free tool that can manipulate color, shape, size, etc…. The output is CSS.

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20+ Free SVG & CSS Background Pattern Resources
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