React CSS Width and Height Settings | React App Full Screen Size

Learn how to set React App full screen size for your application. This tutorial reviews CSS width and height settings for React apps. Utilizing flexbox, you will learn how to set the screen size for your React apps.

(00:00) Intro
(00:05) Welcome 
(00:33) App width problem 
(01:12) Why is the width changing? 
(01:56) Identifying the problem 
(02:46) Providing a consistent app width 
(05:13) Deciding between margins or full page width 
(05:53) Importance of flex-grow setting 
(06:28) Looking at app height 
(07:15) App component flexbox settings 
(07:40) Body element min-height setting 
(08:22) App component height setting 
(09:06) Main content component flex-grow
(09:57) Another way to center an element

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📚 References:
MDN Flexbox: 
ReactJS Official site: 
React Wikipedia: 

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React.js Tutorial for Beginners: Flexbox Components
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