Getting started with Cloud Functions

Embark on Cloud Functions mastery! Kickstart your journey with this beginner-friendly guide, exploring the essentials for seamless serverless development.

Cloud Functions allows you to write server code that responds to events. You can respond to HTTP requests and events from within the Firebase ecosystem.

This lets you respond to events in services like Firestore, Authentication, Storage, Realtime Database, and so many other Firebase services.

0:00 - Serverless concurrency, eventings, and scale
1:35 - Setting up the Firebase CLI to boilerplate functions
2:20 - Setting up a project
4:35 - Project structure
5:30 - The anatomy of a function
7:24 - https events: handling requests and responses
9:23 - Running the local emulator suite
10:38 - Setting up breakpoint debugging in functions
12:23 - Deploying Cloud Functions
13:28 - Firestore triggers
15:08 - Best practice: promises & background triggers
15:46 - Running the Firestore local emulator & function shell
18:25 - Before building! Make sure to check out Extensions.


Getting started with Cloud Functions
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