A list of essential deprecated changes from Vue 2 to Vue 3. Download the free Migration Cheat Sheet.

Upgrading an existing app to the latest version of a framework can be a daunting task. That’s why this two-part series was created, to make your migration experience more pleasant.

The Vue 3 Migration series:

  1. Vue 3 Migration Build (the previous article)
  2. Vue 3 Migration Changes (this article)

If you’re not familiar with the migration build, please check out the Vue 3 Migration Build article, that’s the prerequisite for this article. If you don’t have an app to migrate, you can still use this article to learn about what has changed in Vue 3. But keep in mind that we are only discussing changes here, we won’t be getting into new features such as the Composition API. (check out Vue Mastery’s Composition API course if you’re interested in that)

Along with this article, we’ve also created a cheatsheet for the most common changes.

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Vue 3 Migration Changes: Replace, Rename, and Remove (Pt. 2)
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