Is Vanilla JS even important to learn?

Vanilla JS is a name to refer to using plain JavaScript without any additional libraries.

Now you may ask — Is it worth to spend time on learning Vanilla JS when we have so many frameworks around making the development process and efficient for us?

If your knowledge is limited only to a single JavaScript framework, you will have a hard time learning a new one. All the JavaScript frameworks and libraries are inevitably based on its Vanilla core. This should convince anyone that knowledge of a pure JavaScript is a must in the long run. — David Kopal

That said, it is true that investing time in Vanilla JavaScript will pay off in the long run. So keeping this significance of Vanilla JS in mind, let’s dive in this tutorial to understand JavaScript concepts along with creating an interesting game.

What are we making?

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Demo of the game


Story behind this Project

If you are into stories like me, then you might be interested in knowing — How I came up with the idea of this project? (If you are not interested in knowing this story, skip to the next section to understand the Project Structure).

Some years ago, when I was in school, I attended a seminar about Cyber Security. So when I came across an article about Cybersecurity few months aback, it strikes to me that the whole seminar I attended back in school can be converted to a game to educate kids about Internet Privacy. So Let’s Begin.

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Learn the Concepts of Vanilla JavaScript while Building a Privacy Card Game
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