The concept of mutability and immutability in JavaScript is essential to understand to avoid errors. Mutable can be changed or added to where immutable means something that cannot be changed or added. Primitive values in JavaScript cannot have anything added upon to them, they can only be re-assigned, and hence all primitive values in JavaScript are immutable. Let’s dive deeper into the idea of mutability vs. immutability in JavaScript.

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  • 00:00 Video Intro
  • 00:32 Primitive types vs Reference Types
  • 01:19 Six primitive types in JavaScript
  • 01:31 Three reference types in JavaScript
  • 01:39 How primitive types and reference types are different
  • 03:52 Mutability vs Immutability in JavaScript
  • 06:30 Introduction to spread operator


Mutability vs Immutability in JavaScript
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