Jakarta EE 8 marks the new era in the Java Ecosystem. It is essentially Java EE 8 but it is governed by the Jakarta EE Working Group, What’s important is that the Jakarta EE project is operated under an open-source process - the Jakarta EE Specification Process (JESP). My previous article explains the history of Jakarta EE 8.

The Jakarta EE 8 application is run on reference runtimes (also known as “containers”). This simplifies development as it provides for the separation of business logic from resource and lifecycle management, which means that developers can focus on writing business logic – their value add – rather than writing enterprise infrastructure. Also, the Java EE architecture provides services that simplify the most common challenges facing developers when building modern applications, through the sets of APIs thus making it easier to use popular design patterns and industry-accepted best practices.

You can find the list of entire Jakarta EE 8 specifications, along with the specifications of its set of APIs here.

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Understanding Jakarta EE 8: Tutorial Series
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