Predictive modeling using machine learning comes with a trick to generalize new cases and not merely memorizing past cases. In order to achieve that, the ML algorithm must look through multiple rows of data, and different features which have significant correlations with target variable. In designing predictive modeling the key is to find a way to identify price trends without the uncertainty and bias of the our mental model. A successful approach could be linear regression. Stock’s price and time period determine the system parameters for linear regression.Most of the online resources which are available, where we can find that, the prediction problem ends with validating on test set. Very few resources are available which clearly shows the actual prediction report with future dates and foretasted prices.Here, our exercise in this article will not only validate the model, but show how to use the developed model to predict future prices. We will use simple linear regression to predict daily closing price of bitcoin based on over 2000 days of historical data. The goal here to predict future 15 days prices which are unknown.

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Stock Prediction Technique : Technical Analysis and Future Price Prediction
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