A Fetch Latest Upcomming Movies App With Flutter


This is simple repository, that help in fetch latest, upcomming movies.

Release 1.0 (05/OCT/2020)

Release 1.0 Download Here

This release cover following feature :

  • API calling architecture
  • Dark Mode
  • Material UI design


Cover Feature

  • Splash Screen
  • Onboarding-Screen
  • Select favourite movie
  • Home Screen
  • Tranding movie
  • Movies different category
  • Popular movie
  • Upcomming movie
  • Tranding person of week
  • Top rated movie
  • Movies detail
  • Movies trailer and poster
  • Movie cast and crew member
  • Crew member detail
  • Movies on bases of keyword
  • Recommendation and similar movie
  • User Profile
  • IMDB Rating ⭐
  • Setting
  • Dark Theme

Movie Cast and Crew

Movie Category

Cover Feature


Dark Mode

Movie Detail


User Profile


Select Favourite Movie and TV category

Movie Poster

Download Details:

Author: webaddicted

Source Code: https://github.com/webaddicted/Flutter-Movies4U

#flutter #dart #mobile-apps

A Fetch Latest Upcomming Movies App With Flutter
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