VSCode tips and tricks are offered in this video. Josh Nussbaum will show you some of the best time-saving Visual Studio Code tips and tricks. Josh will begin with a VSCode overview which will demonstrate the basics of this popular text editor. Then, you’ll learn the cool tricks used by power users who write code in HTML, JavaScript, Python, and more. Josh will go over some of his favorite VSCode plugins. After watching this video you’ll become more efficient with VSCode and may even choose it as your “daily driver”.

⭐️ Video Contents ⭐️
0:00 Introduction
0:50 Welcome Page and Orientation
2:08 Multicursor Editing
2:47 Intellisence
3:25 Formatting
4:18 Snippets
4:52 Activity Bar
7:25 Setting Up Your Project in VSCode
9:42 Project Explorer
11:30 Customizations and Extensions
17:12 Putting It All Together
18:49 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts
21:00 Live Server

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Vscode Tips And Tricks for Developers
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