Ever since blockchain-based funding became commonplace, many entrepreneurs have benefitted. This funding model offered a decentralized framework that bypassed unnecessary paperwork and gave access to an international network of investors. While it fostered an entrepreneurial spirit, the system also became susceptible to quick-rich schemes that cheated investors of their money. This led to many losing trusts in blockchain-based crowdfunding. However, all hope was not lost!

Understanding the difficulties the different players in the market face, especially the investors, a new crowdfunding model was formulated.

Security Token Offering, or STO, has the following advantages:

  • Projects are regulated to protect investors’ interests
  • Investors are promised equity in the project
  • Helps eliminate dubious projects
  • Recognized by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Accepted in most countries

Today, it is very easy to create an STO project. With many companies offering easy development solutions, the possibilities are endless. However, we advise you to launch your own STO with Infinite Block Tech. They are a trusted blockchain and cryptocurrency company with several years of experience. They have many successful projects under their belt and many more in development.

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How Do STOs Make Good Crowdfunding Mediums?
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