15 Top Vue.js Chart Libraries For Your App

Vue is a popular JavaScript Library to look up to. It is a JavaScript library that has less of a learning curve and it requires less development knowledge to get started with writing production code.

Because sometimes in life charts and graphs are inevitable for us to display in order to make sense of numerics and data overall, in the same spirit we need beautiful, responsive, customizable and easy to implement charts.

Vue chart libraries have the answers we need.

Here is a collection of Vue chart libraries to implement in your next project.

1. Vue-Echarts

Vue-Echart is a library built on e-chart component used to draw charts in Vue.js apps.

Bar chart

Scatter plot

2. Google Vue charts

This is a component chart library for Vue.js, a wrapper for the original Google charts. They are sturdy and interactive, works even in older versions of IE. You can browse the Google chart gallery to have a taste of wide data visualization options. Using Vue.js components, you get an extra bonus of reactive data binding.

3. Vue Trend

Vue Trend as simple as it is is an animated spark line that works great as a background visualization to show trends to the users over a timeline.

4. Vue-charts

Vue-charts are based on Vue2wrapper for chartJs, it can be easily configured with Laravel apps and has multiple chart options like a bar, line, radar and more, readily available to use in Vue.js projects.

Google vue chart


5. FusionCharts Vue.js

FusionCharts is a JS charting library for creating interactive charts, maps, gauges, and dashboards in JavaScript. Fact – FusionCharts allow easy-to-add and interactive charts in any Vue project.

FusionChart vue.js

6. Vue-highcharts

Highcharts are common libraries known for data-driven apps, while Vue-highcharts provide full compatibility component with Vue.js apps.

Vue highchart

7. V-Radar

V-Radar is a Vue component used to make Radar diagrams in apps.

V-Radar for vue component library

8. Vue-easy-pie-chart

Vue-easy-pie-chart is a Vue component chart library which has the full power of Vue2.

Vue-easy-pie-chirt in Vue component library

9. Vue Heatmap.js

Vue Heatmap.js is a great marketing tool that tracks every move and click of the mouse on a page and normalizes them before sending to the server for analysis from that end with pretty colours. If you need these data on your Vue app, then you need heatmapjs to help you out.

Heatmapjs for vue component library

10. Frappe Charts

Frappe Charts are simple and modern SVG charts for the web inspired by Github and with zero dependencies

11. Vue Morris.js

Simple API for drawing bar, line, area and donut charts. Morris.js is a Vue.js wrapper.

Morris.js Vue component library chart

12. Vue Apexcharts

Apexcharts is an official Vue component library and it is an open-source charting library for building interactive charts and visualizations.

Donut chart

Line chart

Vue Chart Libraries

13. Vue Bars

Simple, elegant spark bars for Vue inspired by Vue Trend

14. amCharts with Vue chart library

This is one of the popular options for charting. I hope you have tried it before, if not, try amCharts with Vue.js today to get its insight.

amCharts with Vue

15. SyncFusion Vue charts library

SyncFusion is part of the extensive UI library that offers 30 plus interactive chart types beginning from simple line charts to complex correlation charts

Vue Chart Libraries

Summing up

That’s my collection of the best 10 Vue chart libraries, if you have a great component and didn’t see it in here, leave a suggestion in the comments below. Have a wonderful charting and visualization experience!

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15 Top Vue.js Chart Libraries For Your App
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