Learn to automatically create a task in Microsoft Planner directly from Excel - with just the click of a button. I’ll show you how to use Power Automate or Flow to create the Planner tasks and also how to update the task and add details.
In addition I’ll show you how to create and use variables in Power Automate so that you allow the user to add additional information to the task when they start the flow including a selection from a drop down field. This way you can have the user select the bucket they’d like to add the task to and your flow will transform the bucket name to the bucket ID and add the tasks to the selected bucket This way you learn how to work with variables in power automate.
We’ll also run the Power Automate flow directly from Microsoft Teams.


  • 00:00 Automatically Create Planner Tasks from Excel with a Flow
  • 01:51 Setup Instant Cloud Flow in Power Automate
  • 05:22 Update Task Details for the Task Description
  • 06:28 Run Power Automate Flow From Microsoft Excel
  • 08:04 Run Power Automate Flow From Microsoft Teams
  • 09:27 Allow User To Select Bucket in Planner From Drop Down List
  • 11:33 Use Apply to Each in Power Automate
  • 12:12 Set Variables in Power Automate
  • 13:50 Test the final flow
  • 14:34 Wrap Up


How to Create & Update Planner Tasks from Excel (or Teams)
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