I love my iPad. It’s not exactly new: it’s a 12.9 inch model from three years ago. But even so, it’s light and convenient and fast enough not to be painful.

What I like about it:

  • easy to write with (I have this keyboard)
  • drawing with a pencil is almost as immediate, with almost the same control, as pen and paper
  • it’s easy on the eyes when it comes to reading
  • the split-screen mode is great for taking notes while reading
  • the games are great – I’m fond of iPad re-imaginings of things like Baldur’s Gate
  • when I’m traveling, I can buy mobile data and it mostly just works

I can perform plenty of my engineering and scrum masterly duties with it:

  • I can manage and interrogate the AWS and Google Cloud web consoles
  • I can use Google Drive, Docs, Sheets etc.
  • I have access to my iCloud file storage as well

I do have trouble with some things though:

  • Although I can ssh into things and do some scripting full-on development is rather tricky
  • I like to dabble with data science ideas from time to time, for which I usually use RStudio

I realise there are several web-based data science platforms, Jupyter notebook services of various types, but I still prefer RStudio. Besides which, my other blog is managed via blogdown, which is easy to deal with RStudio. How can I work with this tool on the iPad?

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Using RStudio With An iPad
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