One of the most fundamental and crucial interactions while Selenium automation testing is done by automating click operations over elements on a web page. We facilitate the click interaction using a method called
Selenium click button method, although, is one of the most basic drills, it is often used inefficiently. Even experienced tester seems to miss out on the entire implementation of the click method is Selenium. They become occupied with writing complex test scenarios and forget that sometimes, a random click in the UI of a web application, can lead to a bug.
This is why, today, I will be talking about different ways in which you can make use of command to help you perform automation testing with Selenium in a faster and better manner.
In this article, I will cover in great detail. We will automate from basic to advanced interactions through the click.
If you are an experienced automation tester, you can skip the basic operations and head out to the advanced mouse operations. For beginners, we will start with a basic introduction of Selenium testing. Without further ado, let’s go!

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Tests Automation with Examples: 'Click' Button Method in Selenium
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