What’s the best way to create Figma charts and graphs? In this Figma tutorial for beginners, learn how to build a data visualization in Figma, when to use a Figma plugin vs library, setting up a Figma charts kit, Figma UI Kit for data, and how you can connect data to your Figma designs. This discussion will also cover the pros and cons of building a library versus using a plugin and share some complex data set problems and how the Headway Design Team has solved them.‍


⏰ Segments
00:00 - Start
1:05 - Overview
2:27 - What is Data Visualization
8:24 - Review of Data Visualization Figma plugins

  • Chart Plugin
  • Charts Plugin
  • Datavizer Plugin
    31:14 - Build simple Data Visualization without plugins
    43:31 Final Thoughts
    1:02:09 - Questions

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Figma Charts and Graphs - Figma Data Visualization Plugins vs Library
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