This article is the first part of a series composed by:

Part 1 - Draw stars ⭐

Part 2 - Draw a spaceship and make it rotate 🚀

Part 3 - Make the spaceship move and shoot 💨

Part 4 - Make a joystick for mobile 🕹️ 📱

Part 5 - Enemy ships and collision 💥

A few months ago, while starting my daily activities I got hooked by an amazing  Google’s Doodle. A very simple game to play, celebrating a cricket tournament somewhere, on which I spent more time than expected.

Of course, the game was fun, but what I found on developer tools just after the first round was beyond:

<canvas width=”1080" height=”608" tabindex=”0"></canvas>

It was not the first time I saw this tag, but it was the first time I was actually thinking about possible usages for it. Now, years later, I’m going to implement the idea I had that day, revisiting a space shooter game that I implemented at some point during college.

#javascript #typescript

Building A Space Shooter Game with HTML5 Canvas & Typescript - Part 1
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