Tailwind CSS Scroll Behavior: Customize the Scroll Behavior

TailwindCSS Scroll Behavior Plugin

This plugin generates scroll-behavior classes.

Note: As of TailwindCSS v3 these utilities are included by default.

A scroll-smooth and scroll-auto class will be created.

It is recommended that you use scroll-smooth in combination with Tailwind's motion-safe variant. This will only enable smooth scrolling for users who have not specified they prefer reduced motion.


Add to your project via:

# Install using npm
npm install -D tailwind-scroll-behavior

# Install using yarn
yarn add -D tailwind-scroll-behavior

Add it to the plugins array of your Tailwind config.

plugins: [
  require('tailwind-scroll-behavior')(), // no options to configure

By default, this plugin works with the motion-safe and motion-reduce variants. However, you can customise the variants for the plugin, by adding to the variants section of your Tailwind config.

variants: {
    scrollBehavior: ['motion-safe', 'motion-reduce', 'responsive']

Download details:

Author: lukewarlow
Source: https://github.com/lukewarlow/tailwind-scroll-behavior

License: MIT license

#tailwindcss #javascript 

Tailwind CSS Scroll Behavior: Customize the Scroll Behavior
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