Automate Wordpress Ops with Node.js CLI: Simplify, Extend, Optimize

Introducing our Operations Command Line Interface (CLI) utility, built in Node.js to facilitate streamlined and extensible operational scripting for teams. This CLI tool offers a foundation for executing simple operational scripts in Node.js, providing teams with a practical solution to enhance and simplify their product operations. Emphasizing flexibility and ease of use, our Operations CLI aims to optimize workflows and improve efficiency in managing various operational aspects of your product.

How to extend?

Ops-cli reads all available recipes on the ./recipes folder. They should be .js node scripts that include a run() function that will be the entry point for the script.

import { executeCommand } from "../helpers/utils.js";

 * Sample function to execute a command asynchronously
async function run(callback) {
    try {
        let command1 = 'echo "Hello World"';
        await executeCommand(command1);
        console.log('Command 1 executed successfully');

        let command2 = 'ls -l';
        await executeCommand(command2);
        console.log('Command 2 executed successfully');
    } catch (error) {
        console.error(`Error: ${error.message}`);

export { run };

How to Contribute?

We appreciate and encourage contributions to enhance the functionality and robustness of our Ops CLI. If you have improvements, new features, or bug fixes to contribute, please follow these steps:

Fork the Repository:

  • Fork the Ops CLI repository to your GitHub account.

Create a New Branch:

  • Create a new branch for your feature or bug fix. Use a descriptive and concise branch name.

Make Changes:

  • Implement your changes, ensuring that your code adheres to our coding standards.
  • Include relevant comments and documentation for any new features or changes.

Run Tests:

  • Ensure that all existing tests pass with your changes. If you've added new functionality, include appropriate tests.

Submit a Pull Request:

  • Once your changes are ready, submit a pull request from your forked repository to the main Ops CLI repository.
  • Clearly describe the purpose of your pull request, including any new features or bug fixes.

Review and Collaboration:

  • Expect feedback and be ready to iterate on your changes. We may request adjustments or further improvements.

Merge and Celebrate:

  • After your pull request is approved, it will be merged into the main branch. Congratulations on your contribution!

By contributing to Ops CLI, you're helping us build a better tool for everyone. Thank you for your support and dedication!

Download Details:

Author: llipe

Official Github: 

License: MIT


Automate Wordpress Ops with Node.js CLI: Simplify, Extend, Optimize
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