This post lets us learn how we can set up an end-to-end **Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline **for **Python **applications running on Azure Function App. This could be one of the simplest and fastest ways to set up your complete Azure DevOps Project. It will set up CI/CD Pipeline, **Provision **all Azure Resource, and **deploying **a simple **python code **to Azure Function. We will set this up using Azure DevOps Starter Project.

Azure DevOps CI/CD for Python on Azure Function

To get started, Sign in to your Azure Subscription and select ** DevOps Starter**, and **Create **a New Starter Project. By default, “GitHub” will be set as the default connection. . Change the **Connection Settings **to “Azure DevOps” from “GitHub“.

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How to Setup Azure DevOps CI/CD end-to-end for Python on Azure Function under 5 min?
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