Top 10 Machine Learning Frameworks for Web Development

Machine Learning is one of the most trending fields in software development. Machine Learning is going to transform the web development company process of several programs. In this article, I have compiled my own list of top machine learning frameworks based on my experience and understanding.

Top 10 Machine Learning frameworks for Web Development are:

1: Microsoft cognitive toolkit:

This framework is written in python and c++ it is a deep learning tool kit used in machine learning. Its main focus is to train algorithms to learn just like a human brain. This tool facilitates us with the utilization of various machine learning models such as neural networks,feed-forward DNNs, and recurrent neural networks.

Check out Microsoft documentation.

This tool is designed to use a neural network to go through the bulk of unstructured datasets. With easily used and faster architecture, customized highly and allows the user to choose parameters, network and algorithm accordingly. It is facilitated with one of the best features multi-machine-multi-GPU backends.

2: Tensor Flow:

This tool is written in Python, Java and Go. It is a famous Machine Learning tool used as a framework for java development. It provides with open source library used with flow graphs of numeric values computation. It is one of the famous projects on Git and also the participation of the largest taxpayers.

tensorflow homepage

Checkout Tensorflow project

It is flexible to use due to easy implementation for users with computation on more than one GPUs/CPUs with the same API, no matters it is a desktop, a server or even a mobile.

The nodes in the graph tell about the mathematical operations, whereas edges represent the multiple data sets. Tensor flow provides various models serving along with proper documentation and guidelines.

3: Mahout:

This tool is written in Java and Scala. It is an open-source offering from Apache, where it is mainly designed for statisticians, mathematicians, and data scientists so that this can be executed with their own implemented algorithms. Moreover, it is a linear algebra distributed framework for Machine Learning applications with a fabulous performance.

mahout homepage

Check out Mahout project
In addition, it gives the ability to develop own mathematical calculations in a very interactive environment that actually used to run on a big data platform. Mahout Samsara provides a distributed linear algebra with an engine of statistics with a proper working and distributed with an interactive shell along with the library to link application into production.

4: NumPy

Numpy is a well-known package for scientific computing integrated with python. It supports at a large scale multidimensional array and has a large collection of high-level functions of mathematics that can be operated on these arrays.NumPy has tools for integrating C and C++ code. It gives support of N-dimension array support along with broadcasting functions.NumPy is having the support of linear algebra and Fourier transform.

Check out NumPy project

5: Pattern

The pattern is a web mining module for Python. Its tools are used for Machine Learning, network analysis, and visualization. This is a free module, comes with excellent documentation and bundled with fifty-plus examples and unit tests.

Checkout Pattern project

6: Web2py

Web2py is a full-stack framework for database-driven applications. It comes with its own IDE used in web development which includes code editors, a debugger and most important feature one-click deployment. This software works with cross-platform. You can run it on a different operating system like Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix, Amazon EC2, and Google App Engine. It has support for the ticketing framework that issue a ticket when some bug is noticed.

Check out Web2Py project.

7: Flask

Flask is a Python framework. It comes with built-in features like development server and debugger also integrated with the support of unit testing and RESTful request dispatching and many more.

It used by some popular companies like LinkedIn and Pinterest. It gives you some features that make it unique from other frameworks.

Check out Flask project.

8: Pyramid

The pyramid is a python framework that wants to make web apps into a big web application. This is also used for scaling web application, It is great for developers those who are working on API projects.

This framework is used by big tech giants such as Mozilla DropBox etc. The pyramid is a lightweight framework of the web. It provides some features that simplify web application development and deployment in the real-world.

Check out Pyramid project.

9: machine

TurboGears 2 is built with the topmost experience of next-generation web frameworks which includes TurboGears 1. These frameworks have some limitations that frustrated us. So TG2 was built to overcome that frustration. It supports multi-database and a powerful flexible Object-Relational Mapper (ORM). It also supports multiple data exchange formats. It is integrated with designer-friendly templates. It can help us with horizontal data partitioning. It provides the feature helpful in web development such as identification, authorization, and authentication.

Checkout TurboGears project.

10: Chainer

Chainer is a deep learning open-source framework built on Python Numpy and CuPy.It only supports an interface based on python. Its development was led by Japenese company having a partnership with IBM, Intel, and Microsoft. Chainer allows developers to modify various neural networks during runtime itself. It allows running on multi GPU setups. It is one of the first frameworks designed for deep machine learning. Anything implemented in this framework can be easily debugged. It is mainly used for speech recognization.

Check out Chainer project.


There are many machine learning framework used for the web development company. The web development with machine learning is going to change the IT world in the future as it is becoming popular day by day. These frameworks are written in different languages such as Python, Java, C++, Scala, etc.

So if you are planning to build your career in web development its right time to start learning these frameworks get hands-on to these technologies.

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Top 10 Machine Learning Frameworks for Web Development
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