Tech-enabled industries are never short of buzzwords and the latest to join the bandwagon is the Internet of Things. Though this Industry 4.0 solution is available for long, the need for adding smart technology has increased presently among industry leaders.

IoT implementations across companies of different verticals are exploding like anything. While many companies have realized the importance of adding IoT to their business strategy, some hold back fearing the challenges on the road to its adoption.

Here in this post, I will share 14 top challenges enterprises weigh on before settling out for IoT implementations.

Dealing with overwhelming data and privacy concerns

The Internet of things is all collecting a vast amount of data from customers and what if they aren’t safe. Device malfunctions, data and identity theft and data falsifications are always on the cards and customers mayn’t even know how their data is collected and used. Today’s customers focus more on privacy and this makes data privacy a critical challenge for consumer-facing enterprises.

Security concerns over IoT implementation

Only 2 out of 10 consider the security issues associated with data access & management as well as with that of the IoT devices themselves. This could be a nightmare if enterprises don’t focus on the security concerns before investing in IoT devices.

  • Insufficient testing and updating
  • Brute-forcing and the issue of default passwords
  • IoT malware and ransomware
  • IoT botnets aiming at cryptocurrency
  • Data security and privacy concerns (mobile, web, cloud)
  • Small IoT attacks that evade detection
  • Remote vehicle access
  • Untrustworthy communication


14 IoT Adoption Challenges That Enterprises Need To Overcome
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