For Loops, While Loops, Do While Loops | Javascript Loop Tutorial for Beginners

In this video we'll look at several examples of Loops in Javascript and learn how to iterate through data with while, do while, and for loops.

✅ Quick Concepts outline: Loops in Javascript

(00:00) Intro 
(0:13) While Loops
(3:28) Do not create an endless loop (but don't feel bad if you happens)
(4:33) Do While Loops
(5:07) The difference of a Do While Loop
(6:35) For Loops
(6:52) Initialize the counter variable
(7:10) Conditional statement
(7:18) Increment the counter
(9:15) Using the length property of a variable in a for loop
(9:45) While (true)
(12:20) Break Statements
(14:15) Continue Statements

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JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners: Loops
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