Tame Your Taxonomy: Naming Rules in Google Ads

Taxonomy Wizard provides pre-creation validation and post-creation enforcement of customer media taxonomy naming conventions in Google's advertising products.

E.g., If an advertisers campaign names need to follow this convention: <YYYYQ#>_<CampaignType>_<TargetingGroup>_<FreeformText>

The tool will:

  • Flag a campaign named "Q42022_brandbuilding_millennial_WinterCampaign"
  • Allow a campaign named "2022Q4_brandbuilding_millennial_FallCampaign"



  • Access to gSuite (Sheets).
  • Has Media Taxonomy Data Dictionary stored in Google Sheets (stored in Google BigQuery tables directly supported on request).
  • Is a Google Cloud customer.
    • Ability to incur Billing in cloud account.
    • Ability to deploy and run web services.
  • [Automated Daily Validation only] Uses Campaign Manager.
    • DV360, SA360, and Google Ads may be supported on request.


Choose an existing or create a new Google Cloud project (e.g., taxonomy-wizard-yourcompanyname).

Click the Cloud Shell icon (  >_  ) in the top right.

Clone the Taxonomy Wizard repo:

Run the deploy and follow the script prompt:

(Installs the Taxonomy Wizard Configurator & Validator Cloud resources and updates the Sheets Validator plugin code to point to the correct project).

  • Note the Project Id, Project Number and Configurator Cloud Function Endpoint shown at script completion.

Copy the Taxonomy Wizard Admin sheet .

  • May require joining the taxonomy-wizard-users Google group.

Initial Configuration

Admin Console

Allows you to configure taxonomies used for validation.

  1. If needed, run this script to display the Project Id, Project Number and Cloud Function Endpoint.
  2. Go to the Cloud Config tab of the Admin sheet copied at the end of Deployment.
    • Copy the Project Id to Taxonomy Data Cloud Project ID.
    • Copy the the Configurator Cloud Function Endpoint to Cloud Function Endpoint. Configurator cloud function endpoint.
    • (You should not need to update the Taxonomy Data BigQuery Dataset.)
  3. Open Apps Script in the Google Sheet (Extensions→Apps Script).
  4. On the LHR, click on Project Settings (the gear icon  ⚙  ).
  5. In the "Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Project" section, click on "Change Project".
  6. Copy the Project Number to Project Number.

Sheets Validation Plugin

Allows you to validate entity names in Google Sheets before creating them in the Google advertising system(s).

  1. Copy the code from the .js files in ./resources/apps_script/validator to an Apps Script project.
  2. [Publish](https://developers.google.com/workspace/marketplace/how-to-publish it **PRIVATELY** (to your company's org ONLY) as an add-on.

Usage Instructions

Coming Soon...


This is NOT an officially supported Google product.

git clone git clone https://github.com/google/taxonomy_wizard

Download Details:

Author: google

Official Github: https://github.com/google/taxonomy_wizard 

License: Apache-2.0 license


Tame Your Taxonomy: Naming Rules in Google Ads
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