Vue 2.x Boilerplate: The Ultimate Starter Kit for Vue.js Developers

Vue 2.x Boilerplate

A Vue.js project with Vuex, vue-router AND Bulma

Build Setup

# install dependencies

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
yarn dev

# build for production with minification
yarn build

# build for production and view the bundle analyzer report
yarn build --report

Next Step

  •  vue-resource



Vuex is a library to implement Flux Pattern on Vue.js. I'm sure that it is much easier than on React.js.

Create a store to use Vuex

Let's create a file to use Vuex on src/store/index.js.

Notify your store to Vue

Let's make your store activate on src/main.js.

Setting up Store inside store/modules/*.js(modulized)

If you open up a sample file named base.js in src/store/modules, there are four parts: state, mutations, actions, getters. state is the Store to store data on components you will build later. mutations is triggered from actions about how to manipulate your state by mutation-types. actions are triggered(dispatched) from your components (one of roles of actions is to get data from server). getters is what could be used on components froms state. You should declare varibales of state on getters to use on components.

Declare your module to main store

Let's include your module on src/store/index.js.

Access data from Component

If you open up a sample file named Store.vue in src/components, you can see friends in computed that return this.$store.getters.friends. You can get, manipulate, and use any data declared of getters in Store. Everything is done to use data from Store.

Let's trigger actions!

Once you declare store on your Vue project, you can access your store from any components on this. All you need to do to trigger actions is to dispatch the name of actions like this.$store.dispatch('getFriends'). And let getFriends to do its job.

Vue Router

I think it's much helpful to refer to official document than mine. Definitely.


Download details:

Author: pretty00butt

License: MIT license

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Vue 2.x Boilerplate: The Ultimate Starter Kit for Vue.js Developers
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