• BFS stands for “breadth first search”. aka Uninformed Search Technique, Blind Search Technique, Bruteforce method.
  • BFS traverses the tree level wise. i.e. each node near to root will be visited first. The nodes are explored left to right.
  • Breadth first search is implemented using queue which is FIFO list.
  • This is a single step algorithm, where the visited vertices are removed from the queue and then displayed at once.
  • We need to maintain a separate data structure for tracking the tree/graph nodes yet to be visited. This is easily done iteratively using Queue data structure.
  • BFS always provides the shallow path solution.
  • No backtracking is required in BFS.
  • BFS is optimal and complete if branching factor is finite.
  • BFS can never get trapped into infinite loops.

Application of BFS:

  • To find shortest path.
  • Single source and all pairs.
  • In Spanning tree.
  • In Connectivity.

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Differentiate between DFS and BFS.
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