AI and digital platforms challenge how we understand reality and our role in it. Because it mirrors our identity, technology provokes us to revisit outdated creeds while at the same time giving us the reins to personalize our human experience.

In the evolution of species, there’s always a fine line between symbiosis and competition for survival. Is AI going to take over the world? Will AI take my job? In fall 2020, a Google search returns over 1B results for each of these questions. Internet users are particularly interested in how the AI-human symbiosis will shape over time. More than anything, people are apprehensive of a future where the power dynamic changes to humanity’s disadvantage.

The advent of AI might seem overwhelming to us, but history books consist of many pages on similar topics. One such example is the industrial revolution of the 18–19th century, which helped automate the labor workers did with their hands. The industrial revolution was a painful tipping point; it led to decades of social and economic upheaval, but it also freed up time for thinking, inquiring, and innovating.

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Shaping the Future Human Experience
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