This is the most common data science SQL interview question from DoorDash, a food delivery company. This question tests your ability to split your data into percentiles using window functions. I’ll walk you through solving the question like we’re in an interview and give you some tips on how to approach the solution.

Go to the question through the link below and follow along with me.

Link to the question:


  • Intro: (0:00​​​)
  • Interview Question: (0:35​​​)
  • Framework to solve the problem: (1:40​​​)
  • Understand your data: (3:58​​​)
  • Formulate your approach: (6:40​​​)
  • Code Execution: (8:55​​​)
  • Code Optimization: (14:35​​​)
  • Conclusion: (17:08​​​)

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Most Common Data Science SQL Interview Question from DoorDash [window functions & partitions]
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