Bug Blast: Code Your Way to Victory in This Phaser 3 Game!

A Phaser 3 project template with ES6 support via Babel 8 and Webpack 5 that includes hot-reloading for development and production-ready builds.

This has been updated for Phaser 3.55.2 version and above.

Loading images via JavaScript module import is also supported, although not recommended.


Node.js is required to install dependencies and run scripts via npm.

Available Commands

make installInstall project dependencies
make startBuild project and open web server running project
make buildBuilds code bundle with production settings (minification, uglification, etc..)
make lintLint the code and fix auto-fixable errors
make formatRun prettier to format the code

Writing Code

After cloning the repo, run make install from your project directory. Then, you can start the local development server by running make start.

After starting the development server with make start, you can edit any files in the src folder and webpack will automatically recompile and reload your server (available at http://localhost:8080 by default).

Customizing the Template


You can write modern ES6+ JavaScript and Babel will transpile it to a version of JavaScript that you want your project to support. The targeted browsers are set in the .babelrc file and the default currently targets all browsers with total usage over "0.25%" but excludes IE11 and Opera Mini.

"browsers": [
 "not ie 11",
 "not op_mini all"


If you want to customize your build, such as adding a new webpack loader or plugin (i.e. for loading CSS or fonts), you can modify the webpack/base.js file for cross-project changes, or you can modify and/or create new configuration files and target them in specific npm tasks inside of `package.json'.

Deploying Code

After you run the make run build command, your code will be built into a single bundle located at dist/bundle.min.js along with any other assets you project depended.

If you put the contents of the dist folder in a publicly-accessible location (say something like http://mycoolserver.com), you should be able to open http://mycoolserver.com/index.html and play your game.

Download Details:

Author: marmelab

Official Github: https://github.com/marmelab/bug-slayer 

License: MIT


Bug Blast: Code Your Way to Victory in This Phaser 3 Game!
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